We supply the textile sector of industry in Poland and abroad with raw materials

Polimport supplies textile raw materials to the Poland and foreign markets. From our broad range we supply specialist clothing and bedding factories and sewing workshops in the Poland, Scandinavia, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Romania and Hungary. We offer our clients:

■100% cotton fabrics
■100% cotton combed, carded and OE yarns
■Creora® Spandex, from 10D (11dtex) to 1690D (1880dtex)

Our company is the representative of the Hyosung Corporation of South Korea, the largest manufacturer of elastomeric yarn in the world. We supply the markets of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Kaliningrad and Hungary.

We source our textile raw materials from reliable suppliers in Korea, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, India, Syria, Pakistan, Belarus, Moldova and some other countries.

POLIMPORT: supply of textile fabrics manufactured for the end user

For the convenience of our clients, Polimport was founded for supplies fabrics manufactured for the end user, textile products and towels for the markets of Poland, the other Baltic countries and Scandinavia.

Our Company supplies textile products from suppliers in India, Pakistan, Poland, Estonia and Latvia. We offer our clients:

■100% cotton bleached, dyed and printed fabrics (canvas, satin, cotton print)
■blended fabrics

We provide dyeing, bleaching, wrapping and washing services for fabrics. We take orders to produce made to measure bedding from cotton cloth or satin.

Every effort made to ensure the quality of raw materials and products supplied

We at Polimport know what importance quality has in the textile industry sector.

Partnership relationship guaranteed at every stage of collaboration

Our Company maintains close links with its clients. If required, our specialists work together with our clients’ technologists to try to satisfy production requirements. We always offer the most economical of the suitable solutions.