Employees of different departments  of our company create team focused on the best fulfiling our customers needs. We believe that information, which is effectively managed, is the key to success. Therefore we aim to achieve common goal by the implemented smooth information flow. That is basis of the effective logistics. We are in constant contact with our customers and we provide them with full information about details of transaction progress.

Warehouse processes

We have effectively managed warehouse, which is located next to our commercial office, close to rail station Warsaw East. Our warehouse meets all the requirements for storage raw materials for food process and others. Large quantities of goods we trade are stored off-site warehouses, so we can easily organize full car transport.

Goods storage

We make every effort to ensure thet the storage is carried out in accordance with all standards and universally applicable norms. Our goods are properly checked, verified with documentation, labeled and put in correct order. This facilitates the efficient movement of goods with avoiding mistakes. Expire dates of products are especially monitored.


We want to quick apply orders of our customers and we use for that services many different tested freighters. We cooperate with the largest, pan-European ones as well as with local, small ones. This procedure is intended to provide the fastests and most efficient customer service. We fit all logistics to customers need, its location, profile and type of delivered goods.