Food additives

We provide raw materials needed for food production

We are big supplier of raw materials for ready food products. Our services aim to meet the various expectations of ourcustomers. We offer high quailty products, efficient logistics and on time delivery.

We offer a wide range of products specificaly tailored to the individual needs of different production types. Our offer particularly includes:

- Salt (all types, for all usage);
- Flours;
- Starches;
- Sugars;
- Soya protein;
- Dried fruits and seeds;
- Jams;
- Potatoe concentrate;
- Thickening agents, gelling agenst, stabilizers, regulators;
- Acidity regulators;
- Preservatives.

We ensure the highest quality supplied raw materials

We ensure all needed certificates supplied raw materials from renowned and famous producers. Specifications of products are compatible with all quality standards set by the food industry regulations. Quality control is excercised in providing customers with the highest quality of delivering goods.

We adjust our offered products to individual client's needs

Clients represents different spectrum of activity, so that each has different characteristics and different needs dictated by the own production profile. For this reason we are lookind for suitable raw materials, often with uniquefeatures and specifications. This allows customers to use more afficient production process. Cooperating technicians, quality inspectors and other staff create group of advisory experts on different matters such as relevant product composition and its fit to planned production.

We offer partnership ate every stage of cooperation

We monitor customer activiy and offer assistance in development of range of products. We provide substantive, essential support and advice based on partnership. We try to go out to the customer and quick solve the emerging problems, which results in gaining full confidence of customers and continuously expanding their group.