Our main activities in the field of chemistry is based on the wholesale trade of chemical raw materials. We deliver them to customers in different business types: paper, textile, food and power industries and water-treatmend companies, metal processing, woodworking and other industry companies.

We have been trading chemical raw materials from the company beginning in 2008. Since then we have a gropu contractors in Poland and many other countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany, Hyngary, China, India, South Korea and others.

As the main advantages that settle succesful company's work we would like to pick out flexible sales and modern financial managing system, handpicked qualified employees, network of country and abroad representative and especially rich experience dealing with chemical raw materials and contractors.

Our company cooperates not only with large companies, but also with middle and small ones. It is dictated by the different profiles of activity and the need of diversity and competetiveness of our products.

We are searching for reliable, stabile trade partners for its part offering a reliable service and long-term cooperation.